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Starting your business can be stressful, overwhelming, and confusing at best! However, it does not have to be. 
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When I first started working on my coaching business, I did not realize all the moving parts I needed to manage to get started and grow.

Today I help women like you beat the overwhelm and gain the tools to build their business confidently.  

As a Business and Life Strategy Coach, I help you: 

  • Lay the foundations for  your business

  • Identify the WHY that drives you (Freedom, Financial Security, Flexibility with your time)

  • Create a clear vision for your business and personal life 

  • Figure out how to collect and track payments from clients

  • Set up a business budget 

  • How to set up your online presence (Website, Social Media, Business Email System)

  • Navigate the legal structure and stuff no one teaches you is a key foundation to have at the start

  • Identify your target audience, ideal client, niche

  • Get clear on what you will offer and how much to charge

  • Create the right branding: colors, font, logo, messaging, tagline, and website features. 

  • Create an opt-in your ideal clients want, create landing pages, build your email list

  • Create an engaging and easy to implement a marketing plan (social media content calendars, and email)

  • Create a SALES strategy that makes more sales, and generates income 

Investing in a business coach that knows how to help you build your business is the fastest way to grow a successful business.


As your business coach, I HAVE BEEN THERE! I help you build the process, learn how to be productive, and create the winning MINDSET needed to be a successful entrepreneur. 

If you are ready to take the next steps in growing your business without the overwhelm, my Confident You Build-it program is for you. 

Stop spinning your wheel, stop feeling like you will never get this. Click the button below to apply to work with me in this program. 

Karsta Hurd

A Champion in my corner I have made more growth in 3-weeks with this program than I did in 3-years of starting my own business.


Annmarie Sirotnak

 I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone who needs direction in their business, with their business plan and looking to grow personally and professionally

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