“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”


Use my professional and polished writing skills to help navigate your journey to a dream career.

My career coaching goes beyond writing a great resume. I will help you determine what career path you should go after. The goal is to help you find not just a job but personal fulfillment. I have used this process countless times. The benefit of having a dream career is that it reflects your aspirations, you embrace your passions, fuel your dreams and can find personal fulfillment. 


Jobs can be found… fulfilling careers are something you can make a reality. All it takes is the right roadmap. 


Packages are offered at three levels, Emerging Professional-Level, Professional Level and Executive Level, all of which can be chosen a la cart or as a complete package.

How do we get started?



30-Min Consultation- let's talk and have a brief conversation on what your aspirations and goals may be. Let's see what kind of help I can provide and possibly form a precursory vision of your future career.


Get to know you- After our initial consultation, we begin our work together with an in-depth conversation. We will dig deeper into your story, career progression, and accomplishments spending time talking about your experience, background, aspirations and future work goals. 


Document creation- Your unique resume, cover letter, and other materials will be crafted for you, using the information gathered during our initial “getting to know you” session. We also spend this time creating a customized job search plan, just for you! I compile your revisions (you receive 2 rounds of edits) and provide your final documents in both Word and PDF.


Personal Branding Session-This session is designed to help you learn how to network, we review the documents we crafted for you. You will get one round of edits before receiving a word and PDF versions of your materials. Final products will showcase your skills and include keywords to help your resume stand out from the pack. I will also help you craft your elevator pitch. 


LinkedIn Makeover- Knowing what an asset LinkedIn is to your job search is key. You may already have a LinkedIn profile or new a bran new profile created just for you. Let me help you make your LinkedIn page stand out. A successful online presence is not about just copying your resume, it is about making you shine. 


Interview Success- Making the right first impression is key, this session will teach you how to interview confidently, how to overcome the butterflies in your stomach that can trip you up. After this session, you will be able to sell yourself and assure future employers that you are the right person for the job.

Level up with your employer or find a career you love.


'Motivate and accelerate'


'Engage and Connect'

I help to
Showcase and market proven leaders into bigger better careers

Designed to fulfill Executive and C-suite aspirations

Expert 'Develop and Grow'

Mix and match offerings from all 3 levels

A-la Cart


Imagine having a conversation about your job or career goals. What are your challenges? Have you considered the opportunities that are open to you? Can you even dream of the possibilities that can be within your reach?  Let someone with my experience, bring out the best in you!


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Over the course of my career as a senior executive, I have mentored hundreds of people through the process of finding their dream job. Throughout the years, I have also conducted interviews with candidates of diverse backgrounds and skills for varying positions in my organizations.

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