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Beach Meditation

Peaceful You

21 Days of Mindfulness

White Feather

If you are tired of being stressed out, frustrated, unable to stop negative thinking, and ready to live fully aware, awake, and alive, I invite you to take the 21 Day Mindfulness, Meditation, Peaceful-You Course.

This course launched in August and remains Free for now so take advantage of it now!  

This is a course valued at $297 but is my gift to you!

Designed with the aim to help you learn how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your daily habits.

Click on GO to get the coursebook and attend the class!

Establishing a mindfulness and meditation practice has been a gift in my life. My mindfulness practice has allowed me to grow in self-acceptance and self-compassion. I am working on being less judgmental of myself and more of a coach for myself.


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