How Hiring a Virtual Assistant Benefits You & Your Business

If you are one of my clients, you have heard me talk about how there are three types of tasks for your business. The ones you DO, the ones you DELEGATE, and the ones you Delete.

As you move from one stage of business to another, (from dreaming and building it, to growing it and scaling it) it is important to identify when you no longer should be undertaking some of the tasks like you first did. "Doing it all" can be detrimental to your productivity, and keep you from growing.

As I began to grow in my business, I knew that hiring a team member was needed to keep scaling up. My husband was not convinced that we could afford help at first. However, I knew that this was a business move I could NOT afford to not take. Keep reading to learn more about how hiring a VA can benefit your business from my very own VA, Chelsey!

The Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Hey! I'm Chelsey.

Hey everyone! You may or may not have heard of me at this point, but my name is Chelsey, and I am Julie's virtual assistant. She has asked me to write a guest post on her blog today to explain the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for yourself and yo