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How to Get and Use Testimonials

Thank you, Julie for what you are doing for us because I tell you all the programs that I have done and the thousands of dollars I have spent have not given me the lessons that I have taken away from you in your coaching. - Pearl Chiarenza”

Before heading to a new restaurant, buying a product online, or essentially trying anything new, I always take the time to look up testimonials from other customers. Reviews are everything, and I won't do anything unless I see a good testimonial. This is a common mindset, so it is vital for businesses to utilize their testimonials. Today, I am going to explain how to get and use testimonials.

How to Get Testimonials

Getting a testimonial is simple; you have to ask for it. BUT, rather than hunting down each individual who has used your service or bought your product, you can easily incorporate this request into your automated actions.

For example, if you sell a product, you can send the buyer a testimonial request email or message a week or two after they have received the product. They will likely have used it and formed an opinion by that time. All you have to do is send them a polite request, reminding them of how their review can help out your business, and a link. You can even schedule it automatically to your sales system. EASY!

The same concept applies if you sell a service. Whether you are a coach, a writer, or some other service provider, you simply need to send that request after the service has been completed. This can be a little harder to automate since it doesn't always come with a specific deadline. Therefore, I recommend sending a testimonial request as soon as their project has been completed, so you and they don't forget.

Plus, when people write positive testimonials, they are reminded of how much they love the service or product. It may even lead to the generation of another lead as they come back for more or share their happy thoughts with friends.

How to Utilize Testimonials

#1: For Improvement

Testimonials are unbiased reviews. Therefore, savvy business owners can use their testimonials to improve their products or services. Of course, you need to take a grain of salt when it comes to negative reviews because sometimes people can just be nasty!

However, if a negative (or positive criticism) style review has justified points, you take those to heart and use them to improve. For example, suppose a testimonial stated that your directions were unclear or confusing. In that case, that is an excellent hint that you may need to have an unbiased person review your product directions and give critiques.

#2: For Business Authority

As a reminder, business authority is when you establish yourself as a trusted, credible business. While spouting off sales pitches and “I am amazing” style posts are a part of every marketing tactic, it will only get you so far.

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” You need credible, honest testimonials of your product or service to demonstrate your business authority. For example, when you go on Amazon and see a product with 1,000 reviews with a 4.5-star rating, you can bet it is a good product fairly quickly. You want that same quick trust reaction.

With that in mind, you can utilize your testimonials in every framework of your business. You should put them on your social media, website, product description, and even your sales pitches. When one person goes, "this is awesome," others will want to get in on the action. Here is an example from my own testimonials:

Julie has been not only such a great mentor but a great friend...her support and encouragement early on in building my business, made all the difference to my confidence and helped me succeed in making my vision a reality. She helped me gain clarity around my goals, and she always made herself available to reach out to for advice and guidance. Thank you so much, Julie, for everything, your genuine care meant so much to me." - Jessica Ashley, Founder and Host of "Stay Calm, Mom!"

Pro Tip: Testimonial Sharing on Social Media

As a pro tip, I recommend making a bank of testimonials and releasing a new one every other week or once a month, depending on your business and posting schedule. You should try to tag the client who left the testimonial if possible. By tagging them, you are giving them a small reminder that your service is available if they want more, AND they may even share it on their social media, thus, increasing your audience and providing business authority all at the same time!

Go Confidently with Your Testimonials

Are you unsure how to write testimonial requests, automate them into your systems, or incorporate them into your marketing? As an experienced business owner and coach who utilizes testimonials all the time, I can help you get on track. Book a free Discovery Call with me to learn more.

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