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How to Kick Start 2022 New Clients Starting Now

As we near the end of 2021, you are likely in the process of completing end-of-year assessments and starting your strategic planning for 2022. One of the primary concerns business owners and entrepreneurs are facing is how to get new clients in the new year. Today, I will give you my method of how to kick start 2022 new clients starting now.

An Easy Two-Step System to Attract 2022 Clients

Step #1: Create an Affordable Offer They Need

One of the primary methods to attract new clients is to entice them with an affordable offer they can't refuse; not something they want, but something they NEED! This offer should be a small, one-time event or class that they can easily schedule into their life now.

To do this, you will first have to understand your target audience. Take the time to brainstorm what they will need most in the coming year. If you are a health professional, you could offer a new year's resolution cooking class. If you are a business coach like me, you can offer a Strategic Business Planning Event.

Step #2: Funnel the Audience to a Larger Sale

The second step is to funnel your audience from the smaller, more affordable offer to your larger sale. Let's take a look at the health professional example above.

The health professional used a one-time cooking class to demonstrate their skills and personality. Their students had fun and realized that healthy cooking was vital to creating a successful, long life. This, in turn, created trust and interest in the health professional and what they have to offer.

At the end of the class, the health professional offered a limited time (to create urgency), reduced price offer to the students to proceed to the next, larger sale. That sale could have been an 8-week cooking course, a 3-month fitness cohort, or any other number of offers. No matter what the offer was, it was the larger sale that generated a consistent, long-term client.

I follow the same system. I use my Confident CEO Retreat to offer the fundamentals of strategic business planning to business owners to get a successful start to their new year. After my retreat, I offer those who attended a special price on my business coaching so that they may continue to develop those skills throughout the year.

*Note: I want to note that this is not a scheme, scam, or way to con people out of money. You are simply offering a taste of what you have to offer and then allowing them to explore it further. There are no tricks or sneaky fine-print caveats! You want to create an honest, open relationship with your clients based on trust.

How to Pull People In

Now that you have the offer, you have to make people aware of it. You can't sell something when no one knows that it exists. So, how do you do this?

Start Marketing Now

To get clients at the very beginning of 2022, you want to start marketing your Step #1 offer now and have it take place within the first couple weeks of 2022. That is when people are resetting after the holidays and are gearing up to take on the new year.

What does this mean? You need to start posting on social media, sending out email newsletters, running ads (if you do that), and talking about it whenever you can. By getting the word out slowly and surely, you will have a better chance to entice more people.

Provide Special Bonuses to Early Birds

I recommend offering an early bird special to your Step #1 offer the first week your offer goes live. This gives the offer a little more oomph and pushes people to act now before getting caught up in the holidays. Additionally, this allows you to work out the kinks of your offer process before you are overflowed with people or ramping up to the actual event.

Of course, you will continue to push the offer after the special is over, but that first kick start is beneficial.

Go Confidently with Your Offers

Do you need help understanding your target audience, creating offers, managing your marketing, and more? I am here to help. I encourage you to start the new year strong by attending my Confident CEO Retreat or booking an introduction call with me.

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