Marketing Funnel – Initial Hook to Super Fan

Updated: Mar 24

In my mid-twenties, I was introduced to this guy. He asked me to go out to dinner, and I declined. I was not sure what he was all about, and he was moving too fast for me. He finally asked me to grab a drink; I reluctantly said yes. He seemed nice, and my friend was his friend.

I remember that during our time together, he was very touchy-feely. Then, he went on to talk about how he could see us getting married in the future and all the kids we would have... Whoooo...That was TOO fast for me. This was the first date, and sadly because of his over eagerness, it was our last date.

Overall, he was a really nice guy. We had a lot in common; he had a nice job, loved to travel, and loved Jimmy Buffett. Unfortunately, he went for the end prize WAYYYYY too fast. As business owners, it can be tempting to also go from just meeting someone to wanting to go all the way with them. It is essential to work on building the "like," "know," and "trust" factor with our ideal clients before we begin to try to sell them our best and greatest product or service.

In my coaching program, I talk about this issue with my clients all the time. It is vital to create a great marketing funnel to go from attracting the right clients to making them your super fans. Today, I will guide you through the customer journey of Attract, Engage, Convert, Nurture, and hopefully Super Fan. Let’s dive in!

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The Marketing Funnel

In each phase of a marketing funnel, the goal is to take the client further into your world. Like with dating (which will be our example of the day), the goal is to create a connection and trust. The first phase in this customer journey is attraction.