Tracking Financials like a CEO

Updated: Mar 11

After being in corporate America for the majority of my adult career, I knew handling finances appropriately was key to building a solid foundation for a business. Therefore, when I first started my coaching business, I knew that tracking finances and collecting payments would be a crucial yet challenging part of my business model. Today, I want to share with you how to track financials like a CEO and tips to getting started.

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Tracking Financials like a CEO

When I launched my business, I knew we could live off my severance package and my husband's income. This helped me know that I had about a year before I needed to start paying myself from my business. However, nest egg or not, that doesn’t mean that you can slack on setting up appropriate financial systems.

In order to be the CEO of your business, it is a MUST that you face the financial component of your business fearlessly and with confidence. I highly recommend that you incorporate these actions into your financial setup!

Getting Started on Financials