What to Consider When Onboarding Clients

You just landed your first client; congratulations! That is a big deal because it means that you are taking a step in the right direction and seeing progress in your business. However, with clients comes responsibilities that may not be apparent right off the bat. Instead of trying to figure it out as you go, I suggest you review these components of onboarding clients and start getting a plan in place now.

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Creating Automations

Before any of the following, I want to highlight how vital it is to set up efficient automations. In case you are aware, there are countless automations you can create to streamline your business. We will mention some below, but I want to stress that taking the time to set up these automations now will save you countless hours later on.

How to Onboard More Clients

You’ve got your first client, yay! But how are you going to connect with your second? Attracting clients through whatever chosen means (social media, ads, newspapers, etc.) is excellent, but what happens when they are ready to sign up? How are they going to find and connect with you?