Why You Need a Monthly Plan to Create Monthly Income

One of the big battles many new entrepreneurs face is how to create consistent monthly income. It can certainly be a challenge when you are just starting, which is why I am here to give you an easy avenue to success, creating a monthly plan.

Why are Monthly Plans Vital?

Inconsistent action leads to most entrepreneurs not hitting consistent income for their business. Entrepreneurs end up working around the clock to "get things done," yet this is a great way to not only burn out but to stay inconsistent in their business. Think about it! If you work 20 hours on Monday, do you think you can work another 20 on Tuesday without being miserable? Likely not!

By creating a monthly plan with weekly and daily tasks, you can space out your work into healthy increments that can be completed with your mind, body, and spirit in harmony. Through this consistent action, you will create a rhythm to your business that will lead to prioritization of essential work, the timely completion of tasks, and a beneficial system for both you and your clients.

Utilizing a Quarterly Plan

Creating a quarterly plan and breaking it down into monthly and weekly efforts helps get traction in business building. To do this is simple:

1. Create a Quarterly Plan