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Join us for the Purposeful You Summit, a transformative one-day event that will inspire and empower you to live a purposeful, confident, and impactful life!

Mark your calendars for August 25th at noon EST, when the summit will be broadcasted live on 360 Talk Radio for Women. This is an event you won't want to miss!

General admission is free, granting you access to a day filled with insightful discussions and powerful takeaways. Tune in to the Private podcast feed for the Confident You Radio show and be part of a community dedicated to personal and professional growth.

At Purposeful You Summit, we're bringing together over 35 expert speakers who will share their wisdom and experience. Here are some of the takeaways you can expect:

  •  Be empowered to be the hero of your own story.

  •  Success and change start with stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action today.

  •  Discover the power of resilience and how it can fuel your journey towards success.

  •  Reignite your passions and embrace your second act in life.

  •  Remember, never give up, as we all have a unique purpose to fulfill.

  •  Believe in yourself, and you can overcome any obstacle.

  •  Take away the power and possibility of personal and professional transformation.

Upgrade to the VIP ticket for only $95 and unlock even more value. Gain access to all the summit recordings, plus an exclusive Q&A session with our incredible speakers. This is your chance to dive deeper into their insights and get personalized advice.

Don't miss this extraordinary half-day summit, where you'll gain the tools, inspiration, and guidance to find your purpose, live confidently, and make a positive impact in the world. Transform your life and create a thriving career on your own terms!

Secure your spot now and be part of this life-changing event. Reserve your free general admission ticket or upgrade to VIP for an enhanced experience. Join us at the Purposeful You Summit and start your journey towards a purposeful, confident, and impactful life!

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Get ready for an immersive experience at the Purposeful You Summit, where we will cover a wide range of essential topics to help you find and live in your purpose. With 8 powerful panels featuring expert speakers, this event promises to be a game-changer for your personal and professional growth.

Meet The Host


 As the host of the Purposeful You Summit, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Julie DeLucca-Collins, a passionate advocate for purpose-driven living and empowering individuals to create their dream lives. With years of experience in personal development and entrepreneurship, I've witnessed the incredible transformations that occur when individuals align their passion with their purpose.

Now, let's take a sneak peek at the incredible panels awaiting you:

Panel 1

  Lessons in Finding Your Purpose

 Discover the transformative stories of our incredible guests as they share their personal journeys, insights, and valuable lessons on uncovering their true calling.
Whether you're searching for a career or entrepreneur path that aligns with your passions or seeking a deeper sense of meaning in life, this panel will provide you with the inspiration and guidance you need to embark on your own purpose-driven journey.
Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical wisdom and be motivated by those who have found their purpose and are making a positive impact in the world.

Untitled design (4).png

Panel 2

Your Past Does not Define You

 Get ready for an enlightening discussion as our exceptional panelists share their personal stories and valuable insights on overcoming challenges, breaking free from limitations, and rewriting their narratives.
Discover how to tap into your inner strength, resilience, and determination to create a future that aligns with your dreams and aspirations. Learn strategies to let go of self-doubt and embrace self-empowerment.
This panel is a powerful reminder that your past does not have to dictate your future. It's time to rewrite your story and create the life you deserve!

Untitled design (5).png

Panel 3

Finding Healing and Empowering Others to Thrive

Immerse yourself in an inspiring conversation as our exceptional panelists share their personal journeys of healing and offer insights on how they've used their experiences to uplift and empower others.
Explore powerful strategies, tools, and practices for finding healing in your own life, and gain practical wisdom on how to support and uplift those around you. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change and growth.
Whether you're seeking personal healing or aspire to become a catalyst for transformation in your community, this panel will provide you with invaluable guidance and inspiration.

pose rebuild life.png

Panel 4

Using Your Purpose to Rebuild Your Life

Prepare to be inspired as our incredible panelists share their personal stories of resilience and triumph, revealing how they harnessed their purpose to rebuild their lives after facing adversity.
Discover how to tap into your inner strength and align your actions with your true calling. Learn how to navigate challenges, embrace change, and create a life that reflects your values and passions.
Whether you're seeking a fresh start, going through a major life transition, or simply looking for guidance on how to live a more purposeful life, this panel is a game-changer.
Get ready to gain practical insights, actionable strategies, and a renewed sense of hope. It's time to rewrite your story and build the life you were meant to live!

pose rebuild life (1).png

Panel 5

Hope Floats Above Hardships

 Prepare to be inspired as our exceptional panelists share their stories of resilience and triumph, proving that hope can prevail even in the face of adversity.
Discover how these incredible individuals overcame challenges, found inner strength, and embraced hope as a guiding light on their journey. Learn how to cultivate resilience, optimism, and a positive mindset that can carry you through life's toughest moments.
This panel will empower you to see beyond the hardships, unlock your potential, and embrace the belief that brighter days are ahead.

pose rebuild life (4).png

Panel 6

Finding the Silver Lining

 Life is full of ups and downs, but amidst the challenges, there is always a silver lining waiting to be discovered. In this panel, I'll be sharing my experiences and strategies for finding the positive, even in the darkest of times.
Join me as I discuss how shifting perspectives, embracing gratitude, and cultivating resilience can help us uncover the hidden blessings in any situation. Together, we'll explore the power of optimism and how it can transform our lives.
I can't wait to connect with you and inspire you to see the beauty in every setback, to turn obstacles into opportunities, and to create a life filled with hope and positivity.

pose rebuild life (2).png

Panel 7

Unlocking Your Purpose and Helping Others

 Join me as I share my personal journey of discovering my purpose and how it has become a driving force in my life. Together, we will explore the profound impact of living with purpose and the joy that comes from helping others along the way.
During this panel, I'll provide insights, practical tips, and actionable steps on how to identify your unique purpose and turn it into a force for positive change. We'll discuss the incredible fulfillment that comes from making a difference in the lives of others.
I can't wait to connect with you, share my experiences, and inspire you to unlock your own purpose, igniting a ripple effect of transformation and empowerment.

pose rebuild life (3).png

Panel 8

One Life to Live Today

Join me as I share my personal journey and insights on embracing the present moment and living life to the fullest. Together, we'll explore how to break free from the constraints of the past and the worries of the future and truly seize the opportunities that exist right here, right now.
In this panel, I'll share practical strategies for cultivating mindfulness, finding gratitude in the little things, and making conscious choices that align with our values and passions. Let's discover the power of living intentionally and creating a life filled with purpose and joy.
I'm thrilled to connect with you, inspire you, and encourage you to make the most of every precious moment. Let's embrace the beauty of today and create a life worth living!

Each panel offers unique insights, practical strategies, and inspiring stories from experts who have successfully navigated their purposeful journeys. Whether you're seeking personal transformation, professional growth, or both, this summit has something for everyone.


And remember, the Purposeful You Summit is not just about finding your purpose—it's about living confidently, making an impact, and creating the life of your dreams. Join us as we delve into topics such as resilience, passion reignition, self-belief, and overcoming obstacles. Discover how you can transition from a restrictive corporate environment to building a thriving six-figure business on your own terms.

With an extensive lineup of over 35 expert speakers, this summit is a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from thought leaders, gain actionable insights, and connect with a community of purpose-driven individuals.

 Secure your spot now and embark on a transformative journey at the Purposeful You Summit. Register for free general admission or upgrade to VIP for an enhanced experience, including exclusive access to recordings and a live Q&A session with our esteemed speakers.

Attending the Purposeful You Summit offers a multitude of benefits that will positively impact your personal and professional life. Here are some key benefits you can expect:

  • Inspiring Insights: Gain invaluable insights and wisdom from over 35 expert speakers who have successfully navigated their purposeful journeys. Their stories, experiences, and practical advice will inspire and motivate you to take action towards finding and living in your purpose.

  • Practical Strategies: Discover actionable strategies and tools to help you identify your unique purpose, overcome obstacles, and create a life that aligns with your passions and values. Learn how to apply these strategies to your personal and professional endeavors.

  • Community Connection: Connect with a vibrant community of purpose-driven individuals who share your aspirations and values. Expand your network, engage in meaningful conversations, and build lasting connections with like-minded individuals.

  • Empowerment and Confidence: Gain a newfound sense of empowerment and confidence as you uncover your purpose and realize your potential. Discover how to step out of your comfort zone, embrace challenges, and live with purposeful intention.

  • Personal Growth and Transformation: Experience personal growth and transformation as you delve into topics such as resilience, self-belief, and reigniting your passions. Unlock your true potential and create a life that brings you fulfillment and joy.

  • Professional Development: Explore how to transition from a restrictive corporate environment to building a thriving six-figure business on your own terms. Learn strategies for professional growth, entrepreneurship, and creating a career that aligns with your purpose.

  • Exclusive VIP Experience: Upgrade to a VIP ticket and gain access to all summit recordings, allowing you to revisit the sessions and deepen your understanding. Enjoy an exclusive Q&A session with the speakers, where you can ask questions and receive personalized guidance.

  • Networking Opportunities: Engage in networking opportunities with speakers and attendees, opening doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, and mentorship.

  • Lifelong Learning: The Purposeful You Summit serves as a platform for lifelong learning, offering a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration that you can continuously draw upon on your purposeful journey.

  • Free General Admission: General admission to the summit is free, making it accessible to everyone who seeks to explore their purpose, gain insights, and make positive changes in their lives.

Don't miss out on these incredible benefits! Register now for the Purposeful You Summit and unlock a world of possibilities.


Q: What are the dates and times of the event? 
A: The pre-recorded audio and video will drop on Friday, August 25 at noon EST. for VIP ticket holders, we will host special LIVE Q&A sessions they can attend and interact with speakers. These will be hosted via Zoom on Monday, August 28, and Tuesday 29 Times are TBD. 

Q: Where do I tune in?
A: We will be live streaming starting at noon on Friday, August 25, on the 360 Radio Network, the Confident You Podcast feed, and the Casa De Confidence YouTube Chanel. You can upgrade and get lifetime access to all of the panels, breakout sessions, and giveaways.

Q: What if I can’t tune in live? 
A: No worries, this content is designed for you to tune in any time during the weekend of August 25-27; LIVE Q&A sessions will be held on Monday and Tuesday. These sessions are for VIP Ticket holders. 

Q: What do I get as a VIP Ticket holder, 
A: Access to private conversations with speakers during the Q&A session on Monday and Tuesday, August 28 and 29th. Special digital VIP swag bag with over $$$ of giveaways. 

Q: Who gets access to my email address? 
A: You will only get emails from Purposeful You Summit and Julie DeLucca @ Go Confidently Services. If you provide consent, speakers may also have access if desired.  

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