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Coaching to help you build your business and life confidently

Helping business owners like you build and grow a successful business and life using simple habits, a strong mindset, and increased confidence to achieve your goals. 
Planning Growin Buildng


Planning for your business success requires resources to support your journey. Get my FREE list 



Growing your business success requires a roadmap. Get my FREE quarterly action plan


Building your business successfully requires the right tools. Get my FREE list of tools 

Once upon a time... 

Like many women entrepreneurs...

When I started my business, I was excited at the possibility of all the amazing things my business would allow me to have: freedom, Impact, Flexibility, and Income

I realized that having a desire to help others while growing a business can be confusing, tiring, overwhelming, and frustrating. You don’t get a clear road map or a list of the right tools, and you end up spinning your wheels because you don’t know what to focus on daily

Guess what? You don’t have to struggle, feel defeated, work around the clock and wonder if you will make an income and feel successful.

Are you ready to stop being uncertain about what it takes to start and grow your business? Second-guessing what you should be doing and what things you should focus on, I am here to help you create the systems and habits and get the support to be the confident CEO of your business

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Sara Nielsen

Our coaching sessions have motivated me in numerous ways. Working with Julie has been a life-changing experience

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Angela Treme

One of Julie’s talents is finding strength in anyone and pushing you to be your absolute best. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone to be better and better every day. 


Dr. Nicole Fredricks-Jackson

Julie, I have LOVED working with you. Your program is the tactical pieces I wanted and needed.

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Get Julie's Book! 
Confident YOU is available on Kindle and Paperback!

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