Goal Prioritization - How to Keep Your Business on Track

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Have you ever created a goal, set up your to-do list to achieve that goal, and then gotten distracted watching YouTube videos or scrolling through Instagram? Trust me when I say I get it. Battling distractions and consistently pursuing one's goals can be tough, especially when you have a disorganized task list. Today, we are going to take action to improve this by explaining how to prioritize goals, how to organize tasks, and how to navigate distractions.

How to Prioritize Goals

Prioritizing one's goals is essential to creating a cohesive work strategy, especially when you are a small business with dozens of projects on the docket. It can be easy to brush aside your business goals when you focus solely on completing clients' tasks. That’s where goal prioritization comes in.

Our last article covered how to create value-driven goals and break down those goals into actionable steps. The same concept applies here. Once you have your list of actionable steps for each goal you have created, you can incorporate them into your task list.

How to Organize Tasks

Once you have your list of actionable steps to achieve your goals, you can combine them with the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you need to perform to keep your busi