How to Create Your Ideal Client Avatar

If you haven't refined your ideal customer avatar, there is a chance that you are missing out on incredible growth opportunities and are wasting precious time and money. Instead of just putting content out in space and hoping for the best, we will take the time to define what an ideal client avatar is and who yours is.

What is an Ideal Client Avatar?

To explain it simply, your ideal client avatar (ICA) is an imaginary PERFECT client. They are the image you have in your head when you think of the people you want your business to serve.

If you cannot resonate with your client, they're not going to be able to resonate with you. Creating your ICA means asking yourself who you can resonate with. Having an ICA helps you get more focused; everything becomes easier in your business, and you tend to attract who you are focused on serving.

Therefore, we are going to start refining who your ICA is RIGHT NOW! I encourage you to get out a pen and paper, so you can write down your ideas as you read.

Define Your Ideal Client Avatar’s Demographics

Knowing exactly who your ICA is right off that bat is unlikely, and it will become more and more refined over time. I encourage you to define your ICA's demographic details to get started.