How to Develop an Action Plan with Measurable Goals

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." This quote, thought to have been from Benjamin Franklin, could not be more transparent. Developing an action plan with measurable goals is key to achieving any desire, whether for business or pleasure. Today, I will give you the fundamental knowledge you need to start creating your plan of action.

What is an Action Plan?

An action plan is a strategic method of achieving one's business goals. To do this, a business goal is pieced down into actionable steps that clarify needed resources, allocate responsibilities, and set an appropriate timeline.

The creation of an action plan itself is insightful as it allows you to analyze your goal from every angle and visualize what it will take to actually make that goal a reality.

What Are Measurable Goals?

Before we jump into developing an action plan, I first want to explain a measurable goal. Have you heard the term "SMART" Goal? A SMART Goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Let's break that down.

S – Specific

A specific goal can answer the five “W" questions, as in who, what, where, which, and why.

Who is involved in the process of achieving this goal? What tools are needed to accomplish this goal? Where will the implementation of this goal take place? Which resources are needed? AND, most importantly, why is this goal important to you and your business?