Ideal vs. Intentional Calendar – What is the Best for You

Updated: Feb 15

In this article series, we have taken proactive action to create a successful business and personal life for you. Today, we will talk about your calendar, including the differences between an ideal and an intentional calendar. Before I dive into explaining the two, I want to point out that everyone has a slightly different explanation of these definitions. I will share mine with you and provide you with the tools you need to create them.

What is an Ideal Calendar vs. Intentional Calendar?

Ideal Calendars

I define Ideal Calendars as calendars designed for a utopia. They are the type of calendars that work when absolutely everything goes your way, and there are zero malfunctions, delays, or miscommunications. You may already be thinking, "Julie, how is this realistic?" In all reality, it's not, but it isn’t supposed to be. An Ideal Calendar is what you want to aspire to achieve; it is a wish.

The most important aspect to remember about Ideal Calendars is that they are nearly impossible to complete, and they should instead be used as a guide to help you plan your days. When making an Ideal Calendar, you include everything you want to achieve during that week from all aspects of your life, including your business needs, meals, exercise, self-care, chores, etc. After you have created that Ideal Calendar, you can mesh it with an Intentional Calendar, which I will explain in a moment.