End-of-Year Assessments: Why it is Critical for All Businesses

As we approach the end of 2021, it is time to critically analyze how the year unfolded. As a small or new business, you may think that this is something you can skip, but you CAN'T! End-of-year assessments are critical for all businesses. Today, I am going to share with you why that is and what you should consider during your evaluation.

Why End of Year Assessments are Critical

You made it through the year (or at least part of it if you are a brand new business), which seriously deserves a round of applause! *Cue clapping!*

Now that you have patted yourself on the back, it's time to do an assessment. You may be dragging your feet, but it is a vital component of your business that you can't sweep under the rug. Why, you ask?

End-of-year business assessments are your guide to highlighting what went right and what didn’t the past year. It can be easy to overlook inconsistencies, failures, and various other negatives that happened. It can also be easy to overvalue what went right or how we felt about something, even when the statistical value doesn’t correlate.

Essentially, an end-of-year assessment is a black and white breakdown of your successes and failures, which you can then use to improve and create an even better business.