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The Worst Advice I’ve Received in Business

When it comes to running a business, everyone always has their two cents to give you. Even if they have never run a business, they have some nugget of wisdom they learned from their cousin's hairstylist's daughter's brother-in-law. While it is always polite to listen and be open to business advice, it doesn't mean that it will be good advice or worth implementing in any way, shape, or form. I've gotten my fair share of terrible business advice over the years, so today I am sharing it with you.

The Worst Advice I’ve Received in Business

#1 Never Turn Down a Customer

This advice is so outdated it's not even funny. In our day and age, it is critical that we define our personal brand, create an ideal customer avatar, and pursue those customers ONLY. You want customers who will be able to:

- AFFORD your offer

- Immediately APPRECIATE your value

- Willingly APPLY what you share with them and take ACTION to get results.

Anyone who does not meet those qualifiers should be nixed from your potential client list. You don’t need to serve everyone. You need to serve the RIGHT someone.

#2: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

I'm sure you have heard this before! People give out this advice because they are scared on your behalf, even if they have no right or need to be. It can be easy or tempting to wait until all the stars are aligned to get going. That might be right for some people, but don't wait in fear if it isn't right or possible for you. Go after it!

#3: The Market is Too Saturated

“Aren’t there already ### people doing that right now?” Someone may ask you that question and then state that the market is already too saturated for you to join in too. However, I am a firm believer that there is room for everyone.

As long as you have a clear personal brand and a well-thought-out business plan (based on data rather than feelings), you can attract clients that only you can service.

#4: Keep Your Business and Personal Life Separate

Business has transformed in the digital age. You can no longer just hand out a business card and disappear after the business day ends. Nowadays, it can be challenging to create a "like" and "know" trust factor if you don't let people get to know you, not only your professional skills but your quirks and goals.

We live in a connected world. People want to know the real you, as well as the values and everything you represent behind the brand you are showing.

#5 Offer the Lowest Price

Some people say that you have to offer the lowest price to be successful. So…NO! While it is recommended for some professions, like graphic design or content creation, to start on the lower end to get experience and reviews, it is not somewhere you should stay.

Pricing is key to creating consistent income. Sometimes offering the lowest price can even be detrimental to your scalability and reputation. You must know your worth and be willing to ask for it.

Go Confidently with Sound Business Advice

Are you ready to create a stable business built on your values and goals? I encourage you to reach out to me to book an appointment to learn about what I can offer you and your business.

For now, drop a comment below sharing your WORST business advice.

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